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Marketing Plans

Custom Marketing Plan built to suit Your Company, Your Goals, Your Needs! We will design a marketing plan for you that suits your goals and budget. Your plan will be laser focused at the correct demographic to be the most efficient.

The key to Marketing is Consistency in Branding and Frequency.

It is imperative that your company maintains consistent branding throughout all public communications. Your logo, your ads, your letterhead, your digital advertising, everything you publish must have a consistent style and message. The message will change from time to time, but the strength is in the numbers. Keeping your style consistent creates an almost subliminal effect on people. They will remember your logo, look and style even when they don’t remember where they saw it. This gives people confidence in your company, your product, your service.

Consistency in your frequency, it is important to publish your ads/message continually. Running 1 ad might get you a sale or two, but to build ongoing new sales opportunities your advertising should go on indefinitely. Whatever types of advertising you are taking advantage of, it is important to have a schedule planned out and into the future. No one is sold on a brand the first time they see it, it generally takes 5 to 7 times that a person sees a logo or a specific company’s communication before they start to build confidence in that brand.

At C24 you have the advantage of a Full-Service Marketing & Graphics company. Because we can handle everything from Marketing to Graphics; when you trust your marketing to us, your style and message will always be consistent. We are also Media Buyers, maintaining consistent and ongoing frequency in your advertising will be one of our top priorities.

Media Buying

We are fully equipped to purchase ad space in all forms of advertising. With many years of experience in this area, we are in a position to get you the very best pricing. Digital Ads, Social Media, Billboards, Magazine Ads, Radio, TV, Streaming Services, etc. We have experience with virtually all mediums.

Advertising - Magazine, Billboard, TV, Radio, Internet, Email, Etc.

Never advertised before, no problem, we will take you thru the whole process. We start with the Marketing Plan, the plan will consist of several pieces all designed to get your message out. Next we will negotiate and purchase your ad space to get you the best possible pricing in the different mediums. We will then work with you to design your ads. We will prepare and deliver your ads to the specification of each publication, digital, printed or broadcast media.

Digital Marketing

The least expensive way to get in front of a specific audience quickly, the different digital mediums - Website Design, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising.

Every company must have a website, and you probably do, but is it effective? Is it helping with your outreach? Is it providing leads for your sales staff? How are your Search Engine Results? Are you collecting data from the traffic that goes thru your site? Did you build a site that is easy to understand? Is your site responsive, so that it works with computers, phones and tablets equally as well? Do you have great photography and video? Do you promote your social media platforms? And do your social media platforms promote your website? C24 can provide inexpensive updating to your existing website or build you a brand new more effective site.

E-Mail Marketing is a great way to get your message to a very specific audience. If your company sells business to business, this is a great option. Instead of marketing to the general public, where more than half that won’t be interested in your product or service, you can target a direct group of companies or people that are specifically interested in what you do. E-mail Marketing also works well if you are selling retail. You can target your own list of clients and continue to up sell them on additional products and services. Or, outreach to a new group, but a group that has shown interest in your product or service.

Social Media Marketing is ever changing and growing. It’s becoming more and more apart of everyone’s lives. Adults, teenagers, children, even the president. An advertising medium that gets to the palm of your target audience’s hand. Additionally, it can be delivered up to 3 times a week without bothering anyone. If you aren’t doing this already, you should be. If nothing else you are conveying a company image and a continual reminder that your company exists. This is the groundwork for creating loyal customers.

Digital Advertising is popping up everywhere. From your favorite news feed, to the specific blogs you read to your social media outlets, to your favorite websites, digital ads are popping up in all of these places. You can rely on us to stay on top of the latest trends and the best new options for digital advertising. From ad placement to design, we will schedule a plan for your marketing needs.


The more we know about our history the easier it is to predict the future. At C24 it is important to us to keep track of all marketing outlets and to track the results from each. We do our best to track all marketing initiatives that start with C24, but we will need your help with some of the tracking. When you get started with marketing thru C24, you will hear that we want you to help us track your sales attributed to each of the mediums. This may seem like a waste of time, but it helps us to be the most effective going forward.