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Logo Design

Your logo is your "mark", the one thing that people retain about your company. Without a great logo all of your marketing and advertising is less effective. The keys to great marketing are continual diverse advertising, consistency in your company’s branding and the audience's retention of your name, your message. If they can't easily read your logo or they can't understand what the image is symbolizing, your logo will not easily be remembered. A logo needs to be a clean, clear design that has a composition to it that is interesting and pleasing to the eye. The designers at Cottage24 have been designing logos since 1990, please contact us when you are ready to build your logo.

Ad Design - Print & Digital

Full Service Ad Design, Magazine, Newspapers, Digital Ads - Experience, we have designed over 15,000 published ads. Call on C24 to convey your message to your audience thru advertising. Our ad designs are clean, clear of clutter, easy to read and attractive, to get the message across, the reader has to see your ad before they can read it. Next, the information needs to be memorable. Finally, a sense of urgency or a call to action. All while keeping your branding and style consistent.

Website Design

C24 will design a new modern website for your company. We have the capability to produce animations, original photography, videos, original music and graphics. Being a Marketing and Graphics company, we focus both on making your site pleasing to the eye, but also, we are always building in ways that your site helps your business grow.

Every company must have a website, and you probably do, but is it effective? Is it helping with your outreach? Is it providing leads for your sales staff? How are your Search Engine Results? Are you collecting data from the traffic that goes thru your site? Did you build a site that is easy to understand? Is your site responsive, so that it works with computers, phones and tablets equally as well? Do you have great photography and video? Do you promote your social media platforms? And do your social media platforms promote your website? C24 can provide inexpensive updating to your existing website or build you a brand new more effective site.

Billboard Design

Full Service, Planning, Purchasing Billboard Space and Billboard Design - C24 can effectively plan out a billboard campaign for your business, for your goals and/or for a specific area. Billboards are an effective supplemental medium for many other forms of advertising. Cottage24 will take on all aspects of this venture for you, plan out the ad campaign, purchase the space, design the billboard and deliver the print-ready file.

Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design - A Sneak Peak to the Heart of Your Book As avid readers we will not design a book cover without reading the book, feeling the passion, the emotion, the message in the text is what sparks the idea for the Book Cover Design.

Collateral Material Designs

Catalog Designs, Brochures, Flyers, Inserts, Postcards, Custom Folders/Binders, Note Pads, Envelopes, etc. Designed and printed we can provide your office with the entire line of collateral materials you need to reinforce your branding and style throughout all of your paperwork.

Packaging - Product Packaging Design, Point of Purchase Displays, Countertop Displays

Custom Package Design for your Products - from developing a complicated box for your unique product, to the graphics to suit this packaging to getting the printing done. Cottage24 can take you thru the entire process.

Point of Purchase Displays - Marketing Display, Product Rack, Gaylord Display, etc. Experienced working with big box stores, mom and pop retailers and OEMs to design, develop and create a POP Displays that will fit into their specifications, still fit your products and be effective point-of-purchase sales tools.

Countertop Displays - Design and Develop unique countertop displays - creative designs, product trays, header cards, catchy graphics, what you need to build sales at the point-of-purchase.

Signs - Truck Graphics, Building Signs, Outdoor Signs, Electronic Signs, T-Shirts

Much like your logo, it is important to get your image, your style, your company out in front of as many people as you can and consistently. Signs are a very inexpensive way to do this. Some signs can be costly upfront, but when you amortize the cost of a sign over the 10 to 20 years the sign will last and how many people will see it. It is like free advertising.

Branded Items

Trade Show Company Branded Give-a-way items, Promotional Items