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Reload the Toad™, Build cities with Humans . . . Destroy them with Toads. A game with fun for the
whole family. A strategy game filled with tactical decisions, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Recommended for kids 8 and up. Tiny settlers compete for land that is inhabited by GIANT TOADS.
Game consists of 1 Game Board, 1 Special Card, 2 Shields, 6 Toads, 20 Building Walls and 36 Humans. Brought to you by C24, Cottage24 Marketing & Graphics LLC.

Place your Humans, build a city and knock down your opponents’ with your Toad!

To play:

1. Place a Human (Humans build Walls) 

2. Build Walls (cover from giant Toads)

3. Launch your Toad at your opponents’ Humans!

If you knock down any Humans, you will place them into the graveyard. If you knock down an opponent’s Human onto a dice space then roll the dice for a Special Action!

The last player to have Humans standing on the board wins the game.